Our goal is to focus not only on the piece of equipment itself, but rather on those customers who love music and want to use it according to their tastes and preferences.

The founders share a passion for details and perfection, and they joined forces in order to delight the ears and the sight of all those who love music. This project contains the vibrations of Italy, the land of its founders.

Audiodinamica is an "innovative startup" and it is obsessed to pay attention to small details. It is not only concentrated to reproduce the best sound possible, but also to provide you an outstanding harmony for your "interior home design".

Audiodinamica aims to propose state-of-the-art technology for domestic music reproduction enclosed in vivid and modern chassis. The mission of the company is to make products (amplifiers, line, phono, step-up transformer, DAC, streamer and speakers) out of the ordinary imagination and with a very high value added in terms of customization (with materials and colors). 


Gianluca Sperti -
Product development & co-founder

Gianluca spent countless hours listening to rock, punk, new wave, indie music  day and night at serious pumping volume. He started building audio gear for his own satisfaction more than ten years ago as no commercial amplifier could recreate the sound and feeling he was looking for. Deeply addicted to the sound of vacuum tubes and in love with ancient and obscure industrial tubes from the second world war era, he spared no resources in some very high voltage (1.5kV!) low power amplifiers (5W!!) weighing 100kgs (Are you kidding me? No, seriously … it was 100kg for  5W!!!) as well as accurate phono preamplifiers, DACs and full horn loaded speakers.


He spends his time at Audiodinamica designing and testing our products: he prefers projects that mix simplicity and symmetry with very low distortion and a powerful dynamic.


Gianluca studied engineering in Turin and London and earned an MBA in Milan. He has been working in the aerospace business for 15 years. He loves windsurfing and snowboarding so you can catch him on powder days in the Alps or on beaches when strong wind and big waves are hitting.

Francesco Matera - 

Francesco grew up around music.  When he was 2 years old, before he started talking,  he sang “Remedios” (Gabriella Ferri) and “Because the Night” (Patty Smith). At 14 years old he started with rock, grunge, punk and with his  first hifi system. After one month he burned his British amplifier: too far from his taste. After his first audio experiences, he spent the last 30 years searching the holy grail of sound reproduction. During the last 10 years he acquired skills in the development and building of vacuum tube amplifiers. He loves turntables, tonearm, cartridges, SUT and .....ls3/5a.

He spends his time at Audiodinamica testing and building our products: he just found the holy grail.

Francesco graduated in Engineering at Politecnico of Turin. He has been working in the environmental sector for 17 years. He gets satisfaction from live music, food and drink, vinyl, hifi, vacuum tubes (he is a vacuum tube lover…), jogging and biking. He is a dreamer.

Angelo spent a lot of time bothering the neighbors with the volume of music until he met Francesco and Gianluca who presented him with an outstanding modular preamplifier and amplifier for headphones. This  allowed him to listen high quality music with headphones without annoying his neighbours.

He spends his time at Audiodinamica developing the sales and marketing strategy: he aims to communicate the passion of Audiodinamica with originality and creativity.

Angelo graduated in International Business at the University of Turin, he earned a MSc in International Marketing at the University of Berlin, an MBA at the ESCP Europe in Paris and a PhD from the University of Lyon. He has been working for 10 years as an export manager in different countries and for 5 years as a Marketing, Strategy and Management Professor at the University of Saint Etienne/Lyon. He loves sail boats and chocolate so that you can find him somewhere tasting the theobroma or simply immersed in a bath of chocolate. 


Angelo Zilio -
Sales and Marketing Manager - co-founder
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