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  • Do I need all different BeCubes?
    No, you don't. You just pick up what you need to your current HiFi gear and listening preferences. BeCubes are modular so you just add one in case you need to add functionalities to your listening system.
  • What about the cubic SHAPE and COLOURS?
    The shape is simpke ans takes very little room, it is a 15cm cube, the chassis is all aluminium and can be anodized black or plain anodized aluminum. As an option you can order the RAL color of your preference in matte or glossy finish. We paint the them with several layers and protective coating. We do prefer matte finish as BeCubes were designed with that tone in mind. In fute you will be able to purchase also front covers in different materials.
  • Can I mix colours in a single BeCube?
    If you mean ordering a BeCube with front panel in green, base in red, knobs in yellow etc...yes, you may contact us to discuss but that would be an expensive option.
  • Can I mix BeCubes with other manufactures gears?
    YES, no problem at all. BeCubes accept balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs so you can connect them with anything from consumer eletronics to high quality pro equipments. They do have XLR and RCA outputs.
  • What exactly are the CUBES?
    Stylish pieces of High equipment, the idea is to make available the technology and sound quality of very expensive HiFi gear with a competitive price tag and a home friendly design.
  • I listen to vinyls only, what do I need?"
    You will need a BeCube Power tthe shared power supply box) and a BeCube Phono. That wil put you in a position to listen to MM cartridges with options on gain and load. If you prefer MC cartridges just add a SUT N°3 (standard permalloy) or SUT N°2 (high permalloy) and you will compose a complete stet up for vinyl records. SUTS are pretty flexible and can interface with so mainy cartridges. Clearly you will also need a Line Preamplifer such as A BeCube Line in case you don't have any (ans use the same BeCube Power).
  • I listen to CD's/DVD's/SACD's only, what do I need?"
    You can connect your CD player to a BeCube DAC (you will need also a BeCube Power) either via an optional SP/DIF or electical SP/DIF connection. The BeCube DAC will have volume control and source selectiob so can work as a stand alone digital preamplifer.
  • What if I use an USB high resolution source?
    No problem, BeCube DAC will have an asynchronous USB input. BeCube DAC will have 4 inputs and XLR/RCA outputs.
  • What about power amplifiers?
    In the BeCube family you will find the MonoAmp, a compact and self contained high power Class D amplifier capable of driving almost any speaker. The MonoAmp is sold in pairs and they don't need an external power supply as the phone, DAC and Line.
  • What about preamplifiers?
    The BeCube Line. It can accept 4 XLR or RCA inputs so you can control sources (analog) and has XLR/RCA outputs and it is relote controlled by an app (it does not have the old fashioned IR remote). It can also be used to drive two different amplifiers in biamp.
  • I listen to headphono, what should I get?"
    A BeCube HP Amp will be available. It will have RCA inputs and RCA outpout and will drive any headphone out there. You will need the BeCube power to supply energy to the HP Amp and your prefered source (DAC, Phono). You can use HP Amp as high quality preamplifier should need so.
  • What should you do when I purchase a BeCube?
    Please select your main voltage and power cord. In case you wouls like to distinguish yourself and add a touch of color to your hole, please indicate your preferred RAL code in the notes. RAL codes are available at https:// For exemple: I love patina green RAL 6000 and traffic blue RAL 5017, matte finish.
  • What is the "early bird offer"?"
    For a limited time all the new products will be sold directly from us at a discount.
  • Any dealers to purchase the BeCubes from?
    We are selecting dealers selling BeCubes around the world.
  • If I purchase from Audiodinamica and I don't like the BeCube...what can I do?
    All our products can be returned, no question asked if you don't like them (you will only be charged shipping costs, terms and conditions apply). But you will like them, we are sure. You can not return special painted BeCubes, us and we will handle the issue somehow.
  • What's the difference between XLR and RCA connections?
    XLR are professional grade conncetions and allow for sturdier conncetions, morover balanced lines are inherently lore robust against noise. RCAs are more widely diffused in consumers eletronics (simplier and cheaper). The BeCubes will work perfectly with no impairment of perfomance either way, they are all based on differential pairs so they do work always balanced.
  • Should I use balanced cables or RCAs?
    We suggest balanced cable XLR terminated try XLRs with your turntable.
  • Can I use RCA and XLR output simultaneousely?
    No, you cannot. You would mix the signes. BeCubes will not explode but they will get nervous.
  • Can I mix BeCubes with other unbalanced eletronics?
    Yes, you can. BeCubes will still work balanced. Please note there is not a balanced to unbalanced conversions in the BeCubes, they are always balanced regardless of the input and output connections.
  • What parts are you using in BeCubes?
    Discrete low noise dual JFets (they are tightly matched), low noise 0,1% metal foil resistors, metalized polypropyle capacitors, audio grade electolytic capactitors in the power supplies, alps potentiometer, neutrik connectors, permalloy transformers (SUT), gold plated switches for signals or relays.
  • What's inside the BeCube Power?
    The mains transformer and a low noise pre-regulator with separate +/- voltage for signals, digital and auxiliary circuitry.
  • What's inside the BeCube Phono?
    A super low noise regulator and two separate signal boards (left and right channel) with fully differential and. buffered circuitry. The RIAA network is spilt and discrete.
  • What's inside the BeCube Line?
    A choke based supply best way to give music more energy and dynamics) and two separate signal boards (left an right channel) with fully differential and buffered circuitry. The Line has an input switch based on relays and motorised quad sections ALP potentiometer.
  • What's inside the BeCube MonoAmp?
    A compact classD module with integral power supply. Low noise, big power, low feat.
  • What's inside the BeCube HP AMP?
    It is under development, we can anticipate it is a DC coupled two stages discrete amplifier with jFET input and MOSFET output.
  • What's inside the BeCube DAC?
    We are evaluating different chips and solutions. It will handle DSD and PCM signals on D/PDIF and USB and will be buffered to work as a stand alone digital preamplifier. It is balanced.
  • What's inside the SUT?
    The SUT N°3 has a pair of 50% permalloy transformers and upgraded audiophile grade resistors.
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