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 BeCube Headphone Amp



BeCube Headphone amplifier is a stand alone and compact amplifier for modern low impedance high resolution headphones and classical high impedance reference headphones.

It can be used also as preamplifier to drive the most hostile loads.


Its regulated low noise power supply employs a low induction supersized toroidal transformers

and a direct coupled two stages design based on carefully matched jFET’s and MOSFET’s to ensure superior dynamics and lower distortion.


BeCube H/P amp has no feedback and no servo bias to preserve with full transparency the music: the power devices are temperature controlled and a super fast/high sensitivity protection circuit will disconnect the headphone in case of impending riks. 


BeCube H/P amp can be customized with switchSKIN front panels and outer shell can be ordered in different colors and finishes.



+3dB or +9dB gain user selectable to best match all the headphone.



Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style.

ClaSS A direct coupled design

Discrete tightly matched jFET's and MOSFET's for a dynamic sound with low and high impedance headphones and great power reserve. 



Regulated power supplier and residual noise < 5uV for the most demanding headphones. 

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