BeCube Line



BeCube Line is based on a differential topology and uses monolithic dual jFET from Linear Systems to ensure the lowest possible noise and the highest accuracy in music reproduction. The input stage has a +9dB gain and can handle large signals with minimal distortions; a symmetrical output buffer delivers the current to drive hostile loads with authority. 

BeCube Line sports XLR/RCA inputs and outputs, a separate power supply (the BeCube Power), a motorized potentiometer by Alps and a dedicated app to remotely control its operation from your smartphone or pad. 

The BeCube Line outer shell is manufactured out of a single piece of aluminum and can be personalized in color and finish. The removable front panel is available in multiple colors, finishes and materials. 

The BeCube Line is in the development phase and will soon be presented in more detail. 



Dual JFet

Low noise monolithic dual jFET as used in precision instruments.



Minimal noise and compact





Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style.

Differential stage

Superior  noise rejection and accurate amplification.

Direct coupled output buffer

No capacitor at the output for a stable and low output impedance.

Low parts COUNT

Tight tolerance selectable parts

and direct signal parts. 


Balanced and unbalanced connections on input and output. 

WIFI COntrol

App to control source selection and volume.


Both outputs can be used simultaneously to pair the amplifiers. 

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