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There is a place that tells you every day, around the clock, the present, the past and the future of AUDIODINAMICA: our website. We are updating and modifying our website because it is a major component of the brand. Besides, together with the social networks, we are building a valuable tool of many applications.

We have structured the Website in a simple way with the same philosophy as the BeCube shapes. We strongly believe in the essential and minimalist value of things, a way to cross the time and be anchored to the values that the company has pursued since the first moment of its life.

It is a virtual journey into the world of design and HIGH END. With hard work and sacrifice, day by day, step by step, the corporate image takes shape with a broader emphasis, starting from its vision as a cornerstone and ending as an imprint of customer satisfaction. 

Our Webpage allows for simple surfing not only from your PC but also from your Smartphone, because we know that 75% of internet traffic flows from a mobile device. 

So, how is the Website constructed? There is a ?? page that talks about us, the history of the co-founders, a page with product selections and specifications, plus an option that allows all visitors of the Website to receive updates. 

The News Page – together with social networks (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) – is full of life!  It was created to quickly bring you news of Audiodinamica’s innovative products and services. Here you can find articles that track our growth and review our products. Best of all, there’s a BLOG! that provides  an in-depth exchange among all aficionados who are eager to learn about the AUDIODINAMICA activities as its popularity climbs around the world.

Each of AUDIODINAMICA’s partners transmits his knowledge, passion and personality by contributing information about the company’s current and future projects, all of which will be available online. Since March 2018, we have already greatly increased the number of visitors and the length of time they spend on our Website, particularly those coming from Google. 

The numbers we track from our site - especially from our four biggest contributors (Facebook: the most active; Instagram: for displaying our designs; Twitter: for chatting about our up-and-coming products; and LinkedIn: for professional interactions) - allow us to understand you, our customers, and exactly which product designs and features you would like to enjoy in your life.

So for now we would like to let you know that we are rapidly moving toward completion of our e-commerce webpage, where you will be able to buy all of AUDIODINAMICA’s products directly. Keep an eye on us for our first round of “early bird” specials, because they will come and go quickly. Meanwhile, take a look below at the screenshot preview of our e-commerce page.

Author: Angelo Zilio

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