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Differences between SUT2 and SUT3

What’s new with SUT2 ?

Audiodinamica has in its line up a SUT3 and a SUT2; the latter has been introduced in fall 2020 to cover the upper range of the most expensive and demanding cartridges. While some components of SUT2 are common to SUT3 a substantial upgrade to the transformer and resistors makes SUT2 an highest quality step up retaining the flexibility so much appreciated in SUT3 and the capability to interface different cartridges and adjust load on the fly.

SUT3 was developed around a transformer with high inductance at the primary winding so that high impedance cartridges will not limit its performance at the lower end of the audio spectrum making it a truly swiss knife of the step ups. The result is a step up with a neutral tonal balance and capable of reproducing all the subtle nuances of the records with impressive resolution from low to high frequency.

SUT2 transformer has a reduced primary resistance to improve the interface with lowest signal cartridges typically sporting very small coils, a hum buckling winding technique to protect even more from external noise and a bigger Nickel core selected for lower distortion: these all provide a superior integrity of the signal in terms of accuracy and transparency. SUT2 finally uses Z-foil resistors by Charcroft, the highest precision and lowest noise resistors currently available in the market and used only in very expensive discrete DACs and few other critical applications.

The efforts in the design Audiodinamica put into SUT2 can be noticed after the first

listening experience as it truly enables the best cartridges to release their full


Fig. 1 SUT2 board and SUT3 board compared while at the test bench for final quality acceptance: SUT2, front board, is noticeably larger and the Z foils resistors can be spotted between the greyhill switches.

Download the complete PDF file (with all the pictures, graphics, tables) under the section "SUPPORT/DOWNLOAD".

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Author: Gianluca Sperti

Audiodinamica co-founder and product development

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