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The sound of BeCubes

Ever wondered how the BeCube Phono and SUT no3 sound like? Or how they would sound in your system with your amps and speakers? The BeCube prototypes are happily running now and you have the chance for a sneaky preview. We also take this chance to hear your comments on the tonal timbre and balance of the project to fine tune it.

Download the 96kHz/24bit FLAC for a sample of a few songs I took this morning. I was spinning my EMT938 with a 929K tonearm (a rare version of the classic 10" EMT tonearm with international connector) and an EMT XSD15 cartridge. SUT no3 was set at 24x with medium load which is my preferred combo with this cartridge while the BCB phono was running with 100k input impedance and low (or high gain to compensate same quieter recordings). The analog output from the BeCube was converted to 192kHZ/32 bit with and USB ADC and Audacity and then saved into a lossless 96KHz/24bit FLAC file and standard 44.1kHz/16bit PCM. In case you don't have a decoder, just download audacity, it is a great software! Analog-to-Digital conversion was direct with no manipulations except the adding of silence and fade out at the begin and end of tracks.

Jaco Pastorius - Invitation (live in Japan) - Warner Bros 923 876-1 original 1983 print - track 1 invitation

Cream - Disraeli gears - RSO 2479 185 original 1967 Holland print - track 1 Strange brew

Nirvana - Never mind - DGC 0720642442517 180gr reissue - track 1 Smell like teen spirit

Amy Winehouse - Hidden treasures - Lioness records 96403M3/A 2x12" 180gr - track 7 The girl from Ipanema

Leonard Cohen - I'm your man - Columbia/Music on vinyl MOVLP424 reissue 180gr - track 1 First we took Manhattan

I hope you will enjoy the samples.


PCM version 44.1Khz/16bit (71MB)

FLAC hi res 96kHz/24bit (155MB)

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