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Summary Audiodinamica: analog and digital technologies are changing a lot. The customers, thanks also to the expanding information technology, are leading the companies to new areas such as streamed music without renouncing to high performances. In addition to that, small spaces in the apartments, frequent job relocations and the will to explore the world are all factors that are pushing audiophile companies to find the right balance among: digital and analog theology, shape and size of the chassis, design, possibility to customize the products and a unique design. And all of these elements are combining to create new businesses and markets to satisfy new needs. It was the challenge that Audiodinamica undertook more than two years ago, a balance among past, present and future. A new concept and experience for the audiophile and non-audiophile customers: technology, superb design and possibility to personalize the products with materials and colors at the right price. 

At this year’s show – High-End Munich 2019, visitors were not only witness of industry and markets trends, but they experienced with Audiodinamica that a new style to listen to music was born in combination with great sound.

...and the trend for AUDIODINAMICA? 

Audiodinamica got off with a good start in Munich with an increasing number of visitors every day. We registered more than 350 visitors, a relevant growth compared to our first edition as newcomer one year ago. Growth potential for the audiophile market is expected to remain, in particular for those companies able to combine analogue and digital. Benefiting from these positive trends, Audiodinamica intends to strengthen its position as innovative company capable of proposing solutions that fulfil the need for high performances and design. During the past year, we developed and debuted at the 2019 Munich Hi End with numerous new BeCubes (phono, power, mono, pre, headphone amp and SUT 2). The line up will be soon completed with a streamer, a DAC and a dedicated rack. A set of wired/wireless speakers will follow and finally also theSMA, our hybrid integrated amplifier, will be ready for next year show. Thanks to all the feedbacks during our conversations with customers and potential customers, with journalists and competitors, we will accelerate the introduction into the market of our current and future products. These feedbacks motivate us to accelerate more and more the development of new products and to re-structure our company to increase the output capacity and decrease the waiting list for products.

We have already started a dialogue with distributors in Europa, USA and Asia and soon we will announce our partnership. In the meanwhile sales through our web channel is still operative.

Stay tuned, we will continue to surprise you. 

Author: Angelo Zilio - Marketing & Sales Manager - Co-founder

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