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A New CEO for Audiodinamica

Audiodinamica is pleased to announce Giovanni Germano as our new CEO. He is replacing Angelo Zilio who will continue being Board Member of our company. Giovanni Germano has already joined our company on the 22nd of October 2021.

Giovanni Germano is a highly experienced, successful, well-regarded business leader and engineering. The combination of his experience, culture and drive makes him an ideal fit for our company Audiodinamica for next stages of growth.

The entire team of Audiodinamica is thrilled to welcome Giovanni on board. His expertise would be of great use to the company and its success.

Below a short introduction of our new CEO Giovanni Germano (passion, task in Audiodinamica and background):

When Giovanni Germano was 3 years old he had already decided that in life he would be an engineer: so it was without any doubt or an afterthought.

At 15 he approached the world of audio in the field of amplification and diffusion of music, with a specific interest for the technical and theoretical point of view, and he devoured every book that he managed to have in his hands.

Once he reaches the…"immaturity age", after endless hours and nights spent in his small workshop in the cellar of the house (with the blessing of his parents and neighbors), eventually his firsts power amplifiers began emitting sound.

Very soon his friends asked him to produce more, from small pocket amplifiers up to big sized deep class A almost indistinguishable from domestic heating systems. Rationalization and attention to details have always been a constant of his creations.

This is inevitably followed by the designing and construction of loudspeakers, passing from super-compact speakers, to large refrigerators with a debatable portability.

He does not have a preferred music genre, he ranges from the classical music to the pop, the rock, the jazz and, why not, the disco music.

In Audiodinamica he spends most of his time to run after troubles caused by the other guys, and, the rest, designing our products, rationalizing the layout and taking care of the details of the technical solutions.

Giovanni studied engineering in Turin and has 25 years of experience as designer and systems application engineer. He also has long experience in business management. He loves biking, rowing, trekking, diy and gardening. In the weekend you can find him in his country home hard working in his small workshop or in the middle of the forest.

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