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The audiodinamica family grows

Updated: Mar 13

here is the other good news of 2023.

We at Audiodinamica know that the most valuable asset at our disposal is people.

We are aware that a team with different cultures and backgrounds is an advantage, both for

companies and for customers.

We are delighted to welcome Jérôme, since his passion for the audiophile industry will help drive Audiodinamica forward.

Today he joined Audiodinamica to develop the sales and marketing

strategy on new territories.

Below is a short introduction about Jérôme:

Jérôme is a photographer/a visual artist, but also an audiophile and

a music lover. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since his

first pop-up record player for his fourth birthday until his recent high-

end system.

He comes from Chartres (France), he attended concerts and choirs at the

cathedral from a very young age. His music-loving grandfather

regularly took him to Paris at the Salle Pleyel, the Opéra Garnier and

the Opéra Bastille.

When Jérôme turned fourteen, his father, who had just moved

into a new house, installed a B&O BEOMASTER 1000 and the

accompanying BEOGRAM 1000 turntable in his room. The vinyls

followed one after the other, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin,

Police, etc…

Twenty years have passed and he recovered a Luxman amp, its

tuner and turntable. This was the birth of a new audiophile quest. He

then travelled around France in his spare time for several years to

listen to high-end systems from dealers or passionate audiophiles. He

refined his ear, became more intransigent as for the quality of

reproduction of the tones, the presence in the listening room by never

neglecting the transmitted emotion.

Graduated in Arts Plastiques he earned a Research Master’s

degree at the University of Saint Etienne (France).

He shares passions for chocolate, wine and gastronomy, skiing,

running and trekking with other members of Audiodinamica; and of

course, he loves design, arts and photography so that you can find

him in museums or on the other side of the world taking pictures.


Phone: +33 7 82 32 19 19

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