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Updated: Mar 20, 2018

No, the name of this band is not Talking Heads; that was a fabulous live album from David Byrne and Talking Heads from 1982 containing songs from the first studio albums that imprinted the musical scene for years to come. So, what’s the story here? Story is that finding a name for a company or a product is not a trivial task. You might get trapped in hundred pages’ pitch from strategy consulting firms and in complex market analysis, you want to be sure it is not infringing any copyright, you want it to be memorable, you want it to be evocative, you want it to be pronounceable and have some sort of meaning in most languages… Easy, isn’t it? Audiodinamica actually started with a different name and for a different purpose: the initial idea was to target the highest rank of the hi fi products but we were not convinced this was a good idea nor really feasible and most probably not even funny. So, we changed purpose and the name followed. Is it the best name? I don’t know and I am not even sure this is so important after all.

Scroll the pages of any hi fi magazines and you’ll find there are literally thousands of products covering the price range from very cheap to offensively expensive. Most of them, I’d say a percentage very close to 100%, are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: bring music to the listener in an excellent manner. Unfortunately, very often they are just ugly, or full of superfluous details or loaded with excessive care to machined chassis, or just too complex. They are the celebration of the machine and the expression of the technical vanity of the designer while we believe the customer is the one to be celebrated. So, we thought there is a niche in the hi fi market where nice looking and easy to use products can meet the superior analogic sound we love. This is Audiodinamica.

Audiodinamica’s products are designed with the listeners’ needs in mind, knowing those products will stay in somebody’s else house. This means we cannot manufacture just simple appliances nor heavy weight chrome plated chassis selling for mega bucks, we want to design and offer nicely engineered pieces of equipment that can add beauty to the customers’ houses and sound terrific too. That’s why you will not find weird language to describe Audiodinamica’s electronics but you can still refer to blog entries to understand technical details and curiosities of the products.

And there is another dimension customers are moving along: personality. We offer the possibility to build the SMA according to your tastes and needs. Colors and finishing touches depend on personal tastes, flexibility to handle digital and analogic signals and different output power levels depending on the listening preferences. One single product cannot fit them all: with the SMA we combined look, sound and flexibility. This is dynamics. The ability to adopt to customers' needs is dynamics. The ability to reproduce fast transient and transparent music is dynamics. A fresh and vivid look is dynamics.

So, yes … probably Audiodinamica is not the best name but we’d like to hear that our products look great and sound great. This is our purpose.

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