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What next after the COVID-19 ?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Over the last several months – during the lockdown and after the COVID19 crisis has eased – all of us at Audiodinamica have worked really hard to give our company a new life. It is absolutely crucial for us to continuously develop new ideas and products in order to maintain our status as “The most innovative startup” – it is our “raison d'être”.

So, we have asked ourselves: how can we secure the leading role for our company in the Audiophile Industry going forward?

From the day one, our start-up was able to design, develop, manufacture and launch several well-received audiophile products: a BeCube SUT N°3, BeCube Phono, BeCube Power, BeCube MonoAmp and BeCube Amp for Headphones. It was a big achievement in a very short time, but that wasn’t enough for us.

We have participated in several international audio shows, driving significant crowds to our demos but that wasn’t enough for us.

We have created a new product packaging to ensure the safe shipping of our products to the customers, we have amplified our marketing efforts by creating new AD postcards and new product pictures, our products have received great reviews from the industry, we have enhanced our presence on the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) but all of that still wasn’t enough.

We have improved our e-commerce page, added new product descriptions, introduced a new online configurator tool to the webpage, added a new payment method (credit card) but that wasn’t enough either.

For all of us at Audiodinamica, it will never be enough as we always aim to do more today than we did yesterday. And the COVID19 crisis has proved that we are on the right track.

Our mission is clear: to deliver audiophile products that are easy to live with, distinguished by the outstanding design and no-compromise sound, built with the best quality possible.

Today we are starting the digital transformation for some of our products - i.e. BeCube Line Preamplifier will be remote-controlled by the App and the BeCube Streamer will be able to stream the music from multiple online streaming services.

The next version of our e-commerce shop will be accessible worldwide and most of our customers will be able to configure and order our products online - just as we’ve envisioned when we’ve started the company.

We are also planning to have an indirect presence in a few countries via our distributors (i.e. Germany, Hong-Kong, Poland, USA among other countries).

While we are tackling short-term challenges, it is important to foster the ability of Audiodinamica to grasp new business opportunities, develop new products while boosting entrepreneurial potential, creating new networks and, last but not least - attracting new investors to accelerate our growth.

The new products will be available soon and will be announced at the later time.

But right now, we would like to share a summary of our goals for the nearest future:

1. New Products:

a. In the short term - BeCube Line Preamplifier, BeCube Streamer and Equipment Rack;

b. In the medium-term- we are planning to launch TheSMA (Smart Modular Amplifier) and other innovative products;

2. Design: we will participate to Furniture/Design events and make advertising in the Lifestyle magazines to showcase the BeCubes’ great design;

3. Raise an international brand awareness with more product reviews and advertising in design, lifestyle and audio magazines;

4. Events – shows organized by Audiodinamica as well as the private events hosted by our distributors in different countries to demonstrate the design, sound quality and the flawless workmanship of the BeCubes to our clients;

5. Support our R&D department in their quest to build the best product possible and get an Innovation and Design award while doing it.

Stay tuned, Audiodinamica will continue to surprise you.

Author: Angelo Zilio - Marketing & Sales Manager - Co-founder

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