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BeCube Power



BeCube Power can supply clean power to 3 separate cubes to build a complete system, saving money and room: the BeCube Dac, the BeCube Line and the BeCube Phono. 


BeCube power has 5 independent, supersized and regulated supplies that use a multi secondary low flux transformer. Supplies for the analogue stages use high power mosFETs to reduce rectification noise to a minimum before further regulation takes place in the BeCubes. World class regulators are used to supply power to the digital D/A chips of BeCube Dac. And 1 separate and regulated supply is dedicated to auxiliary chips and relays. 


BeCube Power can be customized with switchSKIN front panels and outer shell can be ordered in different colors and finishes. 



Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style. 

Big Transformer

A large core, low flux transformer with separate windings for 5 power supplies. 

LOW noise

Regulated and independent power supplies for the analogue and digital stages 

Independent operation

3 CUBES can be connected and remotely switched on/off from the power CUBE

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