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We love to bring you a Hifi ‘good news’ story and here’s one from High End Munich.We were drawn to his cute and funky ‘cube’ electronics, the BeCubes. The innovative start-up company has since launched their website



Hi-Fi.Ru - Russia

Журнал «Hi-Fi.ru» представляет, в первые, theSMA (Smart Modular Amplifier). Он описывает продукт как уникальным и подчеркивает, что стиль и функции "theSMA" 《знаменует эру "дружелюбного" Hi-Fi.》.




A review of our SUT n°3 in Italian.

In general, the SUT N ° 3 proved to be a very high-level, concrete and reliable component. It had the consistency to extract from the heads with which he was associated with the maximum of their respective potential. 


Determination, sacrificie, self-denial, innovation, millennials, new target, design, made in Italy. The journalist describes the key success factors of Audiodinamica in the audiophile world. 


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