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BeCube Mono are based on a compact and self-contained class D amplifier to pack high performance and deliver a whopping 250W into 4ohm with negligible distortion and high resolution.


BeCube Mono are monoblock’s and are sold in pair for stereo systems (ie one separate BeCube Mono for channel), the reduced dimension facilitates an easy installation in your domestic environment and the mono construction allows for more flexibility in terms of placement. Monos have high quality neutrik XLR/RCA inputs and mundorf binding posts for reliability and sturdy life long operation.


The BeCube Mono outer shell is manufactured out of a single piece of aluminum and can be personalized in color and finish. The removable front panel is available in multiple colors, finishes and materials.


Italian VAT (22% only for EU) and shipping costs will be calculated when select your country. 

BeCube Mono Amp (pair)

  • Switch Skin 

    Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style. 


    High performance

    130 W/80ohm per channel, 0,0015% THD, 121 dB signal/noise ratio, flat frequency response.



    Balanced and unbalanced connections on input and output. 


    Capable of driving any speaker, low power consumption, low heat dissipation. 

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