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BeCube Phono is based on a differential topology and uses monolithic dual jFET from Linear Systems to ensure the lowest possible noise and the highest accuracy in music reproduction. Gain is +42dB or +48dB (user selectable on the PCB), 0.1dB or better RIAA accuracy, low impedance and high-drive capability output buffer, input capacitance is user selectable by dip switch to easily match cartridges.


BeCube Phono sports XLR/RCA inputs and outputs so you can use balanced cables to protect the cartridge's tiny signal from external noise and classical RCA inputs for wider compatibility, a separate power supply (the BeCube Power) to minimize electromagnetic interference with sensitive internal circuits. 


The BeCube Phono outer shell is manufactured out of a single piece of aluminum and can be personalized in color and finish. The removable front panel is available in multiple colors, finishes and materials. 


Italian VAT (22% only for EU) and shipping costs will be calculated when select your country. 

BeCube Phono


    Low noise monolithic dual jFET as used in precision instruments.


    Separate PSU

    Minimal noise and compact size. 


    Switch Skin

    Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style. 


    Differential Stage

    Superior noise rejection and accurate amplification. 


    Direct Coupled Output Buffer

    No capacitor at the output for a stable and low output impedance. 


    Low Parts Count

    Tight tolerance selectable parts and direct signal parts. 



    Balanced and unbalanced connections on input and output. 



    0.1 dB accurate based on hybrid symmetrical topology.


    Selectable Input and Gain

    Input capacitance and gain selectable to best match cartridges. 

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