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TheSMA- (SmartModular Amplifier) - Headphone


The Smart Modular Amplifier (TheSMA) represents a new idea in audio. The goal of this design is to offer a high resolution amplifier with an accurate spatial stereo representation and a deeply musical dynamic and neutral sound to accommodate every kind of headphone. TheSMA takes a modular and flexible approach, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of additional features and personalization.

TheSMA is encased in a vivid high-quality chassis developed with Italian designers from "lamatilde" that can be personalized to the customer's taste. It departs from the mainstream high-end classical look to offer simplicity of use and a modern look in domestic environments.


The heart of TheSMA is a hybrid balanced gain stage, dubbed MULTI-TUBE Balanced Gain Stage. The user can swap different noval audio tubes and the stage will automatically balance the device. The performance of the MULTI-TUBE stage will be slightly different as it is optimized for a given working current. Hence it will return to the listener all the subtle nuances of the different tubes. This gain stage has been developed with tube rolling in mind. An optional dual DAC for PCM and DSD formats, a hybrid jFET/tube MM phono stage and one or two power buffers can be installed in TheSMA to best fit your needs. 


Multi tube

Accepts several novel tubes. Experience the next level tube rolling. 


Balanced and unbalanced connections on input and output. 



Wide choice of removable panels to tune your style.


Async USB DAC with separate PCM D/A conversion and direct DSD. 

Power buffer

One or two discrete power buffers to drive every headphone or medium-to-high sensitivity speakers.  


Reclocking of incoming digital data with two-low-noise cristek oscillators.  

High rigidity

Stell frame for a superior mechanical stability. 


0.1 dB accurate based on hybrid symmetrical topology. 

WI-FI control

App to control source selection and volume.

Regulated power supply

Low noise regulated power


protects signal integrity. 


It can be placed horizontally or vertically with optional stands to best fit into your home. 

Hybrid Technology

Tubes, jFET and mosFET bled together for a perfect reproduction music.

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