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        BeCube SUT N°3 



The SUT N°3 is a flexible Step‑Up Transformer (SUT), designed to boost the output of a Moving Coil cartridge for use with a Moving Magnet phono stage. The beautiful aluminum chassis and its front panel can be customized selecting from several colors, finishes and materials. 


The SUT N°3 uses a permalloy (an alloy with high nickel content) core transformer, one per channel, to deliver all the subtle details of your records without adding noise and distortion. 


The winding of the transformers requires a precision manufacturing process superbly mastered by CineMag, and a mu-metal case provides superior noise rejection. 

High quality passive parts are used in the construction of the SUT no 3: Grahill gold contact switches and gold plated RCA/XLR jacks.



Selectable transformer ratio to match preamp-cartridge gain structure. 

Multi load

3 loads to best suit your cartridge needs. 

HI-nickel CORE

High bandwidth nickel core transformers with mu-metal shield. 


Balanced and unbalanced connections on input and output. 

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